About Women In Need

Everything you need to know about our Non-profit initiative

Jazba Entertainment's nonprofit initiative - helping WIN rehabilitate the lives of impoverished women in South Asia.

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All of the patients at WIN's rehabilitation center in Dattapur, Wardha, India

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Women In Need (WIN) and their India-specific charity, Start.

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A WIN ambulance, kindly donated by a local government hospital in Nagpur, India

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Twice a month, WIN surveys the slum areas in and around Nagpur, India for patients requiring medical and psychiatric treatment. Doctors from the WIN staff and from the local government hospital offer check-ups and prescription medicines to those in need at no cost – a service made possible by WIN

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Once counseling and treatment has begun, WIN offers vocational training for its patients. Through this program, each woman is able to start her own business by sewing and selling saris, pajamas, pillow covers, etc. in Nagpur, India and overseas in the UK

Why We Chose WIN.

Inspired by the 2012 Delhi gang rape case, Jazba has partnered with the non-profit organization, Women In Need to help further their cause. We use the competition as a platform to raise both awareness and funds for WIN.

About WIN.

Women In Need has been operating in Nagpur, India since August 2000. Their organizatoinal mission is simple - to rehabilite the lives of impoverished women in India.

What WIN Does.

Women In Need aims to benefit South Asian women suffering from the physical and social scars of Leprosy as well as treating conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, mental illness, and the effects of rape and abuse.

Years of Service
Number of Women Helped
Number of Women Receiving Primary Health Care
Average Cost to Treat One Patient

Jazba Entertainment donated $10000+ to support Women in Need this year!

The WIN Team

Meet the two women who founded this organization.
John Doe

Leah Sha Pattison


"I often wonder what it must be like to experience discrimination, abuse, rape, terminal illness, confusion, fear, and pain, and to do so without the comfort of another person being there to lend a helping hand, offer a solution, or simply provide a sympathetic ear. It is a question that constantly bothers me as I meet so many ladies through Women In Need."

Josh Clark

Usha Patil


"Many South Asian women suffer from a multitude of problems, which has led us to establish Women In Need and continue the battle to provide help and seek justice for society’s most vulnerable. Leprosy took my childhood and whatever I have suffered has made me stronger and more capable of feeling compassion towards the women Leah and I strive to help."