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John Doe

Shyamlee Nanda

Executive Director

Growing up around peers who danced competitively, dancing has been a part of Shyamlee’s life since she could remember. Coming from California, where Bollywood-Fusion dance is ample, the idea of Jazba captivated her. With Jazba, she hopes to demonstrate that it is possible to make a perpetual influence.

Josh Clark

Ishita Kamboj

Sponsorship Director

Ishita grew up practicing Western styles of dance in an environment dominated by Indian music, movies, and art. Thus, the blend of Eastern and Western influences present in Bollywood-Fusion dance appealed to her greatly. Motivated by her love of both art and activism, Ishita looks forward to using Jazba to raise awareness for the threats that face South Asian women and the beauty of South Asian culture.

Mary Jane

Shray Malik

Finance Director

Shray is a junior at the University of Minnesota who is pursuing a major in Biochemistry. As a liaison for Jazba 2015 and 2016, he became captivated by Jazba's mission and the Bollywood-Fusion dance circuit as a whole. With Jazba 2017, he hopes to continue promoting awareness for Women In Need and making a real difference in the lives of many South Asian women.

Nix Maxwell

Yogitha Posani

Marketing and PR Director

Yogitha is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota with an intended major in biology. As a former classical dancer, she has always been mesmerized with the art of dancing. Yogitha joined the Jazba team because of her love for Bollywood dance, and for the amazing cause that Jazba supports.

Nix Maxwell

Sashank Y.

Liasion and Volunteer Director

Sashank Yarlagadda (Shanky) is a Junior at the University of Minnesota with a major in biology. Being surrounded by Bollywood dance and Indian culture his entire life, he was highly captivated to be more involved with his childhood roots. Through Jazba, he hopes to follow his passion of helping others and create a change in the world.

Nix Maxwell

Adi Raikar

Hospitality Director

For Adi, Bollywood dancing has always been captivating, and she is thankful for the friendships she’s made through dance. Being a part of Jazba was appealing not only because she would be able to meet other passionate individuals, but also because she would be contributing to a noble cause.

Nix Maxwell

Allison Long

Creative Director

Allison has been involved with volunteering and helping others at a young age. She was involved in clubs and creating clubs throughout her high school career. When her good friend told her about Jazba Entertainment she felt that it was a great opportunity to continue her passion for volunteering and helping others.

Nix Maxwell

Pooja Bajjuri

Registration Director

Dancing has always been one of Pooja’s passions. At the age of 5 she started her classical training in Bhartanatyam and was introduced to Bollywood dance during high school. Through Jazba, she hopes to not only continue sharing her passion for dance, but also raise awareness about Women In Need.

At-Large Members

Sujeet Kohli

Sujeet Kohli

At-Large Member

Sujeet has always been driven by his ability to spread happiness to those around him. As a Finance/MIS student at the University of Minnesota, he hopes to utilize his skills to give South Asian women the opportunity for a better life and inspire others to use their talents to make positive impacts in their communities.

Rijul Malik

Rijul Malik

At-Large Member

Rijul is a student in Finance and Entrepreneurship that is passionate about utilizing competitive spirit to create change in the world. To Rijul, Jazba is not only an incredible cultural experience on this vibrant campus, but a force for change, and he is proud to be a part of it.

Venkat Valluri

Venkat Valluri

At-Large Member

Venkat is a freshman at the University of Minnesota who is pursuing a double major in Finance and Accounting. As someone who has always been interested in giving back to the community, Venkat joined Jazba to make a difference in the lives of many impoverished Indian women. As an executive board member Venkat strives to create a change and give back to the community that raised him and turned him into the person that he is today.